Luchakiv Cemetery, reserve museum

Luchakiv Cemetery, reserve museum

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  • Lviv, str. Mechnikova, 33
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Historical and Cultural Reserve "Lychakiv cemetery" in Lviv is a cultural heritage of the centuries.

Historical and Cultural Reserve "Lychakiv cemetery" has a few centuries old history which begins in 1786. The cemetery is also an open-air museum - a reserve of memorial plastic art of the end of XVIII-XX centuries. Area of the cemetery is more than 42 hectares, about 300 thousands of burials are located at 86 fields, over 2,000 tombs are erected, and there are about 500 grave figures and reliefs. Here you can see the sculptural works of such famous artists as Hartman Witwer, Anton and Yohann Shymzery, Paul Oytele, Parys Filippi, Yulian Markovs'kyy, Tadeush Baronch, Zyhmunt Kurchyns'kyy, Vitol'd Ravs'kyy, Hryhoriy Kuznevych, Serhiy Lytvynenko, Teodoziya Bryzh, Yevhen Dzyndra.

A great number of tombs are decorated with sculptural compositions which are pieces of art. In addition to architectural excellence, these compositions have their outstanding history of sculpture creating which hides a symbolic subtext - for example a broken tree branch symbolizes the young life that ended unexpectedly. Sculptors put in the tomb design the whole meaning of lives of those who were buried here. "Lychakiv cemetery" has become a place of eternal rest of art and culture figures, community leaders and other famous personalities or even unknown people.

Excursions are often held here in order to avoid the loss of history of this memorial. Nocturnal visiting of "Lychakiv cemetery" is also popular among the tourists, wide lit alleys - which are immersed in a special atmosphere - are reminding that everyone should behave discreetly not to disturb the peace of the place.